Refine Lead 99.97% to 99.98%

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Refine Lead 99.97% to 99.98%

The pure lead / refine lead is processed from Re-melted lead ingots, which is sometimes also called raw lead by conducting pyrometallurgical process. Our refining process produces pure lead of 99.97% - 99.98% purity level.

We have 3 refining kettles with capacity of 16MT, 12MT, 20MT.

Composition Of Refine Lead

Elements Symbol Composition in %
AluminiumAl0.0005 (max)
AntimonySb0.0010 (max)
ArsenicAs0.0010 (max)
BismuthBi0.0015 (max)
Cadmium Cd0.0005 (max)
CalciumCa0.0005 (max)
CopperCu0.0010 (max)
IronFe0.0010 (max)
LeadPb99.9700 (min)
NickelNi0.0010 (max)
SeleniumSe0.0005 (max)
SilverAg0.0035 (max)
SulphurS0.0005 (max)
TelluriumTe0.0010 (max)
TinSn0.0010 (max)
ZincZn0.0010 (max)

Usage Of Pure Lead

  • • Lead Acid Battery
  • • Radiation Protection Sheets
  • • Lead Pipes
  • • Ammunition

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