Lead Metal

1. Pure Lead / Refined
2. Lead Alloys (Lead-Antimony, Lead-Selenium, Lead-Calcium, Lead-Copper, Lead-Tin Solder Alloys etc.)

Lead Powder

1. Red Lead or Lead Tetroxide
2. Litharge or Lead Monoxide

International Trade

  • Varun Enterprises is a leading Export and Import group dealing in non- ferrous metals like Lead Metal, Lead products,Lead Sheet,Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Lead battery scrap, Lead blocks, Lead ore round the world.
  • Our paramount goal or motto is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers through exclusive service and high quality products.
  • Our service and quality can be compared to the best in the world. Our pricing is such as to give our customers a competitive edge and make them smile.
  • We import scrap of all types from Lead batteries, plates, cable- stripping, mixed hard/ Soft Lead to Remelted lead, Lead blocks, Lead concentrate, etc.
  • International trade is an exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders.
  • While international trade has existed since times immemorial its economic, social and political repercussions have grown voluminously in recent times.
  • Massive industrialization, advances in the field of transportation, globalization of business, the emergence of Multinational Corporations and the giant strides made in the arena of communication resulting in huge outsourcing have completely altered the nature and scope of international trade.
  • Increase in international trade is today synonymous with the growth of a country and one cannot afford to be left behind in this era of globalization that has made this world such a small place to live in.
  • It is the revenues generated through international trade that determine the economic power of a nation.
  • We at Varun Enterprises are well aware of the changing scenario and are fully geared up to meet all the vivid challenges of International business.

  • Advantages of dealing with Varun Enterprises

  • Serving the Lead Industry Since last 20Years
  • Well equipped laboratories with Optical Emission Spectrometer from Spectro of Germany.
  • Backward integration – having our own raw material we are in a position to exercise tight control on our finished products.
  • Wide network of operations across the globe
  • We have global connectivity and are ever watchful of the market trends by keeping a close eye on the LME.


The products produced at Varun Enterprises are used in various industries namely automobiles, chemical and paint industry. Being true to our core values, we are dedicated to deliver highest quality standard products to our clients consistently.

Our laboratory is equipped with SPECTROLAB OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) by Spectro, Germany that makes it possible for us to precisely analyse the elements present and produce homogeneous batches. The manufacturing operations of Refine Lead and its by-products (Litharge and Red Oxide/Red Lead) are supervised by the chemist and supervisors round the clock for the highest quality standard.

Providing quality product is the most important force driving the operations at Varun Enterprises. Samples are taken and tested at SPECTROLAB OES before the Pure Lead is moulded. Each heat is assigned a batch number which is later on marked on the sacks of Litharge and Red Lead for easy traceability if required.

Involvement of experts is there from the very first moment of procuring the raw material and present throughout the operations to maintain the quality standard. Our focus on quality and positive outlook of the feedback from our customers act as a guide to improve,which help us compete in this dynamic and competitive market.

We believe there is always some place for improvement and thus we always try to identify the areas which will help carry out our operations more effectively with quality standard and customer satisfaction intact.

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