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Litharge, which is a by-product of pure lead and also called Lead Monoxide (PbO) is yellowish / reddish powder that is heavy, odourless and water insoluble. It is an intermediate in various industries like pigments, PVC, lubrication, etc. Our manufacturing facility has Barton pot as the primary step. The output of the Barton Plant then passes through cyclone, bag house arrangement before it is poured into furnace for the remaining oxidation of free lead present. The desired powder specification and chemical properties is achieved through Pulveriser and expertise of our chemist.

Litharge Specification

Attribute Specification
AppearanceCanary Yellow
Assay as PbO99.9% (min)
Free LeadLess than 0.01%
Retention on 300 mesh BS Sieve0.1% (max)
Insolubility in Acetic Acid0.1% (max)
Lead Ingots Used99.98% (min)

Usage Of Litharge Powder (PbO)

  • • PVC Stabilizer
  • • Ceramic
  • • Glass
  • • Lubrication
  • • Pigments
  • • Rubber


25 Kg.
Bag Packing

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