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Varun Enterprise established in year 2000, has been in the lead industryas of today for almost 2 decades and currently functions at Industrial Area of Indore over an area of 55,000 sq. ft.The company deals in Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead Oxides. We primarily serve the Plastic Additives, Ceramic, Batteries, Pigments and Glass industries.

Our Journey

Business Establishment 2000-2007

With 4 blast furnaces, a rotary furnace and 3 refineries, Varun Enterprises efforts were majorly focused on domestic market with limited portfolio of refined lead and lead alloys.

Leap Forward 2007-2010

Varun Enterprises built on their technological side as well as the infrastructure to set a benchmark for the industry by precisely analysing the elements with SPECTROLAB OES (Optical Emission Spectrometry) of Spectro Germany.

Diversifying the portfolio 2010-2018

After having a strong hold of the Refined Lead and it’s alloys, Varun Enterprises created its first footprint in Lead by-products. They improved their portfolio with Lead Monoxide (PbO) also called Litharge and Lead Tetroxide (Pb3O4) or Red Lead.

Going Global 2018-2025

Varun Enterprises aims to scale up its infrastructure and improve its portfolio in the coming years to create its footprints in the global market.


  • To be reckoned as the most valuable company in the recycling of metal industry.


  • We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.
  • Act with Integrity:

    We are honest in our dealings and forthright to our customers. Building trust builds better company.
  • Together:

    Our work is a result of a team effort. We have empathy and look out for each other.
  • Tenacious:

    We are determined to not give up. To us setbacks are just a challenge to outperform ourselves.
  • Commitment:

    At Varun Enterprises we strictly adhere to our commitments made to our customers and suppliers. We help customers to achieve their goals with action based plan. We deliver the best in class quality timely.


  • To be the most desirable choice for all our stakeholders and grow sustainably delivering the best in class products with precise manufacturing techniques and quality assessment.


  • The factory is spread over area of 55,000 sq. ft, with 3 Lead Monoxide Plant, 1 Lead Tetroxide Plant, 4 Blast Furnaces, 1 Rotary Furnace, 3 Refining Kettles. The manufacturing of the oxides is a multi-staged process that needs the product to be of highest quality standard, which is done under our modern quality control Laboratory equipped with SPECTROLAB OES, Germany make by Spectro.

Manufacturing Capacity

  • Litharge: 600 MT / month
  • Red Oxide: 50 MT / month
  • Pure Lead: 1000 MT / month

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