Red Lead

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Red Lead

Red Lead in chemistry terms known as Lead Tetroxide (Pb3O4), is prepared from pure lead of minimum 99.98%. The colour of Red Lead is orange red to brick red and is water insoluble.Red lead is used in pigment, battery and glass industries majorly.

The Red Lead primer coating is made on almost all the steel structures because of its anti-corrosiveproperty.

The Red Lead plant at our facility have Barton plant as its primary step in order to get the free lead content reduce to 11-12% before it is forwarded to furnace operated between 450 – 480 deg Celsius.

The finished product is received in batches and is examined by the chemist to get desired specification for the Red Lead.

The plant is in conjunction with Dust Collection Bag, Cyclone and Pulveriser for uniformity.

Red Lead Specification

Attribute Specification
Appearance Orange Red
Acid Absorption mg/gm 150 - 160
Water Absorption mg/gm90 - 110
PbO2 (in %) 25– 33
Free Lead Nil
Apparent Density gm/cc1.4 – 1.5
Sn, Sb, Cu, Fe, As, Te, Mn <0.001%
Bi <0.02%

Uses Of Red Lead (Pb3O4)

  • • Lead Acid Batteries
  • • Pigments
  • • Heat Proof Glass
  • • Ceramics


25 Kg.
Bag Packing

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